5 Best Tools to Download Music from Last.fm

As one of the most visited websites for music and videos, Last.fm offers a cheap way to listen to loads of high quality songs, but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to download any song to your computer. The good news is, there are some tools which you can use to easily download music from Last.fm.

Last.FM, Aupeo & Vkontakte.ru Downloader

Obviously, Last.FM, Aupeo and Vkontakte.ru Downloader allows you to download your favorite music from 3 websites including www.last.fm, www.aupeo.com and vkontakte.ru.

Just enter the Last.FM URL, the artist/station name for Aupeo or ‘vk artist’ for vkontakte.ru and press ‘Start’ button, you will get what you want. All downloaded files are named like “Artist – Title.mp3″. ID3 tags are automatically generated.


TheLastRipper is a perfect solution if you want to have a backup of songs you have listened to on Last.fm. It can also help you generate playlists from the data available from you Last.fm account if you have created an account there.

When you are listening to your favorite tunes on Last.fm, if you want to store the songs on your local hard drive, try TheLastRipper.


FreeMusicZilla is a tool specialized for social music downloading, enables you download free music from Last.fm, Pandora, MySpace, eSnips, Mog, iJigg, and other major social music services. For example, when you user Firefox to listen to music at Last.fm, FreeMusicZilla is monitoring IE and Firefox by default so the playing music will be grabbed by it.

Unfortunately, it can work on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista but not support Windows 7 system.


LastSharp is a comfortable client/ripper for the Internet radio Last.fm offering functions like normalizing downloaded files via mp3Gain, remembering downloads, playing music files in the included audio player, etc.

It is another tool that can be used to download music from Last.fm. You will be required to install .net framework 2.0 before using LastSharp. The default language of the interface is German but it can be set to English in the options.

Like FreeMusicZilla, now Last Sharp can’t run on Windows 7.

Last.fm Downloader

Last.fm Downloader is a simple and handy tool that enables you to download music stream from last.fm radio stream website to your computer.

When downloading music, all what you need to do is enter the URL of the song you want to download and press ‘Start’ button. All downloaded files from Last.fm Downloader are named “Artist – Title.mp3″ and saved in the “Downloaded Files” subfolder.

Download Last.fm Downloader.


Last.fm is a pretty popular service for listening to music on the Internet and you can download music you want using the tool listed above. But unfortunately, Last.fm is only working in the US, UK and Germany. If you live outside the 3 countries, you can use a web proxy site to change your IP to get what you need. Of course, music downloading is often accompanied by the legality question. Is it legal to download music in your country? I am not sure if recording radio is legal everywhere so you’d better check out your local laws stand on recording radio streams before going ahead with it.

Disclaimer: The post is just for informational purposes, so before you download music from the Internet please check your local copyright laws.

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