Fix for Firefox High Memory Usage Issue

After the recent release of Firefox 7, Mozilla claims that they have found a solution to the excessive memory usage. But for others, Firefox’s memory consumption is still an annoying problem.

Yes, it is really a memory hog and we should take some measures to fix Firefox high memory usage bug. Perhaps you have known Firefox add-on Memory Fox is helpful to this, today, I will introduce some other tricks to control Firefox memory usage.

Turn off plug-ins that you don’t use

Firefox plug-ins can cause Firefox to use more memory. So, you’d better uninstall some helpless plug-ins to release the memory usage.

Close used tabs

When working with my laptop, I usually tend to open 30 or more Firefox tabs. Obviously, most used tabs are useless then close them may help you optimize Firefox memory usage.

Use a simple theme

Just like plug-ins, a Firefox theme is also causing memory problem.

Edit browser.sessionhistory.max_entries

①Go to about:config in Firefox
②Type in “browser.sessionhistory.max_entries” in the “Filter” box
③Double click on the value 50, change it to something lower.

Minimize a window

①Type in about:config in Firefox Address Bar
②Right Click in the page and select New -> Boolean
③In the box that pops up enter config.trim_on_minimize, then press Enter
④Now select True and then press Enter, Restart Firefox browser.

Clear download history

Memory usage can increase if the download history is allowed to accumulate, then you need to delete downloads.rdf to clear the download history: Go to Edit -> Preferences then click Privacy and uncheck “Remember download history” then close.

All the 6 tips above are supposed to free up some memory that gets stolen.

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