Monitor the Internet Traffic with Real Network Monitor

For people who are not using Firefox or want to gain more detailed information about their traffic, to monitor bandwidth usage of ISPs with Firefox extensions is not enough. With Real Network Monitor, the situation will get better as it can be used to monitor the Internet traffic with all statistics and information easily.

With it you can ping latency time function embedded in the application and do an accurate Internet benchmark speed test. If your Internet is down in DialUP case, it will update and select the new connected interfaces automatically.

The interface of Real Network Monitor is divided into two columns. In the lower left column, it shows you the detailed information about the Internet traffic, including Download/Upload Speed, Max. Down/Up Speed, Downloaded/Uploaded Data, Total Downloaded/Uploaded. From the right column, you can find Received Interface IPs, the current Interface and Time.

It is compatible with all adapters, including Bluetooth, LAN, DialUP and Wireless Connections. What’s more, it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Real Network Monitor


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