MultiPLX – Another Google Reader Alternative

Google Reader Shut DownGoogle Reader is dying and it is time to look for potential replacements from those Google Reader alternatives.

When people are trying to back up their data by exporting your RSS feeds and subscriptions from Google Reader and import their valuable information to other alternatives, they just find most of them are just depending on Google Reader RSS engine. So which one is absolutely using their own RSS engine and has nothing to do with the dying Google Reader?

As a reimagined RSS Reader, Multiplx is offering a fast and stable web service, with a Pinterest-like style.


Unlike most variants of Google Reader, MultiPLX is developing an independent service and even allows us to import all the data from Google Reader.

Yes, if you already use a RSS reader, you can import all your subscriptions by exporting from your current application the OPML or XML file. For example, once you have downloaded the zip file of your Google Reader subscriptions from Google Takeout, find your subscriptions.xml from the zip file and use it to import all your RSS feeds to MultiPLX. Is it worthy to have a try?

By the way, now MultiPLX is in private beta and you will have to gain access to it with an invite code. If you want to give up Google Reader and are interested in MultiPLX, you can use the promotion code GOOGLEREADER to get their invitation Emails at once.

Well, when it seems that the closing of Google Reader is not so bad. Instead, a lively new market of RSS Reader services will arise. Which one will be the heir to Google Reader’s throne? What RSS reader are you planning to try once Google Reader disappears?


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  1. milan says:
    May 5, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Thanks for the information sir .