How to Mute Firefox

I have ever introduced several tools to help mute the Mac startup chime, but how can I mute Firefox?

When you are surfing the Internet with Firefox, you will find it is really an annoying thing if an element in certain tab starts making noise suddenly. So do you need to mute volume in Firefox without muting my whole computer? Well, I am also facing the same situation with you and so I’ve been looking for a way to mute Firefox browser. Fortunately, I have found 3 Firefox add-ons that can help to mute Firefox successfully.

Firefox Muter

Firefox Muter is a beautiful extension for any Firefox browser owner who wants to control the sound of their browser and give you an easy way to quickly mute sound from any webpage.

Now it is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Ubuntu systems. If you are interested in Firefox Muter, download it from here.


In most cases, those irritating noises come from flash games, auto-playing videos and other flash content. Although Flashblock is helpless to mute Firefox directly, once you have installed it, you will never be annoyed by a flash animation again.


TubeStop will stop your YouTube videos from auto-playing, which offers a way to mute YouTube videos. Only when you click the video, then it will play for you.

Of course, for every Windows 7 user, without any Firefox add-on, you can mute Firefox now: click on the Volume icon, click on Mixer, then in the list you can find Firefox, just mute it with the mute checkbox.

Do you have any other tips on muting webpages in a Firefox browser?

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