Reduce Firefox Memory Usage with Memory Fox

According to Mozilla, Firefox 7 has done some efforts to reduce the memory usage of Firefox. However, there are many users who report that they don’t feel any reduction.

When using Firefox, perhaps you have seen that the memory usage of the web browser can reach hundreds of Megabytes in no time and then grow with every passing minute. So what should you do next? To stop using Firefox and turn to use IE browser? Absolutely not!

With Firefox extension Memory Fox, a memory optimizer for the Firefox web browser, everything goes well as it can reduce Firefox memory usage directly.

You see, Memory Fox keeps an eye on your browser’s memory usage and notices when Firefox starts edging toward user-preset resource limits. Although this process does not result in obvious speed improvements, if your computer system is not equipped with lots of RAM, don’t miss Memory Fox please!

You can download Memory Fox from Firefox add-on directory to constantly flush Firefox’s memory usage now.

Download: Firefox add-on Memory Fox

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