3 Tips on How to Remove Android Phone Ads

Are you tired of those annoying ads popping up in apps on your Android phones? If yes, in order to avoid letting the ads on your devices break your nerves, you must be looking for some ways to remove them.

Now, I will show you several proven tips on how to remove or block ads from your Android phone. But remember, in most cases, you’d better get your devices rooted before removing ads from your smartphone effectively.


AdAway is an absolutely free ad blocker for Android using the hosts file. Once you have installed this app, it will help you block the ads from your Android apps, even including your Android browser.

Attention: This app only works for rooted Android phones.

AdFree Android

AdFree is an Android app that serves the purpose of blocking ads on your Android browser and other apps. Just like AdAway, this app also requires root access.

Developed by a member from XDA forum, AdFree offers an effective method to block those annoying ads as it can nullify requests to known hostnames serving ads.

Attention: After installing AdFree successfully, you will need to install the hosts file and restart your device.

Browser-based Ad Filters

For unrooted Android phone users, in order to remove as many ads as you can, you can give mobile browsers a shot. For example, if you have Firefox installed, then with the help of Firefox add-on Adblock Plus, you can block most ads when surfing the Internet with this browser. It is said that Opera Mobile is also available to do that.

Of course, as only a few browsers currently support this, unrooted phones will not have nearly as many choices when it comes to removing ads.

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