Switch to Tab no more – Disable Tab Switching in Firefox

For any Firefox 4.0 or higher versions browser users, when they type a URL in the address bar, if the same URL has been opened in another Page or Tab, it tends to switch to that existing tab instead of auto-fill option. So how to turn off the Switch-to-Tab feature? Is there any way to disable this feature?

Well, this Switch to Tab is a new feature in Firefox 4.0 and many users consider it as an annoying feature in Firefox browser. Then, want to disable the Switch to Tab function in Firefox 4 or higher? Here, I will share this little tip with you to disable it absolutely!

For any user who dislikes this Switch to Tab feature, they can do that by installing the Firefox add-on Switch to Tab no more. This extension will completely disable this function and any web page matching your entered text will be opened even if it has been open in a different Page or Tab.

But if you want to use Switch to Tab feature when you need it and disable it when you hate it, try another Firefox add-on switch-to-tab Blacklist, which blacklists some websites from showing up in Firefox 4′s new switch-to-tab feature.

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One Response

  1. FAILFOX says:
    January 3, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Switch-to-tab… What a horrible, stupid feature, and it’s even worse that there’s no way to disable it! There is no freaking way I will install an add-on to disable a feature that should at the VERY LEAST be optional! Can’t Firefox do anything without installing a buttload of add-ons? I used to use Opera and Firefox about equally, but preferred Opera because it did what I wanted out of the box, no add-ons required. This Stupidity now has pushed Opera WAY up on the preferred browser list. FIREFOX FAIL! GOODBYE FAILFOX!