Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools to Check Copy Content

You’ve heard your teachers say that it is really wrong to copy someone else’s work without giving proper credit for it. Now, plagiarism is also becoming a serious problem on the Internet and copying content is full of our eyes.

Fortunately, it seems that one can easily copy but cannot hide it absolutely, as there are some software programs that help to check for plagiarism on the web for free. The following are top 5 free duplicate content checkers to help you check duplicate or copy content online.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape is the best Duplicate Content Detection Software I am using!

Copyscape has actually played a major role in bringing down plagiarism over the Internet. You can enter your articles’ URLs at the Copyscape search box to see if anyone has copied your unique content. When more and more tools are designed to detect plagiarized content, Copyscape is still one of the best options you should try.

But any tool will have its drawbacks. Since Copyscape restricts the number of use in the free edition, you will have to try other similar content checker tools below for free.

PlagiarismChecker is an easy-to-use checker for plagiarism online, which can be used to check a document, check a webpage, for teachers, students, webmasters, publishers and more.

Check the document: Type one or more phrases from different parts of the document into the search box and then click the Search button.

Check the Web Page: Type your Web page’s address into the box and then click the Search button, to find out if someone has plagiarized your web page.

Article Checker

Article Checker is keeping an eye on your quality content! When you paste the text into their box, this checker will search Google and Yahoo for duplication.


With the similar features of, Plagium is designed to check both text and webpage. You will have to sign in to Plagium when checking URL.

Plagium is free to use but the number of requests is limited as well, just like Copyscape.


Another free plagiarism detection tool is CopyrightSpot, which allows you simply enter the URL to a web page or blog feed that contains your writing and press search.

They claim they can discover all the spots where your licensed and unlicensed original content lives on the web. But in most cases, sub pages that are more specific can return better results.

I tried several times yesterday but just found it didn’t work well for my web pages, with a notification – I had a problem reading the URL entered. Of course, you can have a try later if it has been back to normal.


So you’re a blogger, author, student, teacher or have original writing on the Internet? Now using the free plagiarism and duplicate content checker to monitor the web and discover those that are copying your original content.

Do you have any other tool to check duplicate content effectively? Please share your tools with us in the comments! Thank you.

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