Top 5 Speed Dial Add-ons for Firefox

Speed dial is a useful feature, displaying your recently visited websites in a tab, and allowing you to access them just with one click. Now, it is available by default in some popular web browsers like Opera and Google Chrome. But for Firefox users, you may need some add-ons to enable its speed dial feature.

1. Speed Dial

Speed Dial in one of the best speed dial add-ons in Firefox browser. It will monitor your web surfing activities automatically and keep all the websites in the surfing order, and then show you 9 most visited sites with their screenshots on your homepage, allowing you to access to your most visited websites directly.

Compared to other add-ons for speed dial, its support of hotkeys is one of my favorite features.

2. Fast Dial

Fast Dial, much much closer to Opera’s Speed Dial, still behaves similarly to Speed Dial, displaying a simple list of thumbnails of your favorite sites in new tabs, but with some customization options, such as customizing any aspect of Fast Dial in Preferences, trying another predefined theme, setting any bookmark folder to be Fast Dial home, and more.

3. Sugestron Speed Dial

Similar to Google Chrome’s speed dial functionality, Sugestron replicates Google Chrome‘s ‘Top Sites’ feature.

Sugestron’s version is the way to go if you are looking for a simple port of the basic dial features in your speed dial add-on.

4. Auto Dial

By offering visual representation of your frequently visited pages easily accessible when you open a new tab, Auto Dial is another tool to enable Firefox’s speed dial feature to you.

To open the page in a new tab, use the middle click button or hold Ctrl/Cmd while clicking (or pressing enter) just like any other website link. To remove pages from Auto Dial, click the red X in the top left corner of each page when your mouse over a link.

5. Firefox 9

Firefox 9 with Speed Dial

Well, obviously this is not a Firefox add-on that enables Firefox speed dial feature. The fact is, according to the latest news, Firefox 9 will be borrowing various Opera Speed Dial elements to enable the speed dial feature directly, without any Firefox add-ons.

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  1. anno says:
    February 8, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    speed dial does not monitor your web surfing activities you jack wagon.