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Great tourist attractions to visit near Provence, France.

Its home to some of the most famous cities such as Marseilles, Nice and Cannes. Provence has a number of beautiful scenes all filled with low leafy scrubland along with beautiful mountain ranges. It has a moderate climate with mild winters and hot summers with very little snow during the winter. This region has also been hit with a number of droughts over time.

Here are some of the many amazing tourist attractions to visit near Provence France:

Marais du Vigueirat

Found in Camargue it is over 1000 hectares of protected land which houses over 400 grass eating animals. Marais du Vigueirat also has over 280 birds species and in total over 2000 species of plants.


Lavenders bloom in July to August every year. If you visit Provence and its surrounding in this time, you will see that all the hills and valleys are covered by purple lavenders just like wearing a purple coat. The lavenders are waving in the wind and the scent of flowers is mixed with the smell of grass that is the best scenery of south French. Lavender is considered as a holy herb which is of magic. You can see lots of lavenders everywhere in Provence, all over the mountains and plains, undulated in the breeze like the sea wave. With the rural scenery and shining sunlight, that makes up a picture just like a purple dream.

Cours Saleya Flower Market.

Jen at Only Provence, a real estate company, says, “This plaza located in Nice near Provence is lined with cafes, souvenir shops, produce stands and of course flowers. The old market is also very lively place and is a great place for shopping and touring. You’ll enjoy the many picturesque winding streets, alleys and interesting houses. It’s also known for its ice cream, and a great place to see the Glacier Fenocchio opposite the 17th century Cathedral.”

Mediterranean Unique wind

Finally everyone who has been to Provence will never forget the unique wind of Mediterranean Sea which always happens in a peaceful day with suddenly a big and strange sound just like something explodes. The trees nearby sway fiercely in the wind with the air full of dust, but the wind will disappear in several hours. Everything will be peaceful again with the sunshine warm and the air fresh that you will even suspect that the scene which you saw a moment ago is just a dream.… Read the rest

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