Month: December 2018

Credit Cards Are the Dominant Form of Online Payment Throughout the World.

Consumers have been quick to embrace the cellphone – to the extent that people of all ages are going so far as to say goodbye once and for all to their wired service. Nevertheless, businesses and consumers alike have been a bit more reluctant to pay for goods and services using their hand-held devices. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and set yourself up for greater profits, there are some simple pieces of advice you should follow.


Back when you were outlining your very first business plan, one of your most important tasks was to understand the nature of the customers you would be serving. It was essential that these demographics were in tune with the goods or services you were marketing. Now, as you contemplate entering the mobile payments arena, it’s just as necessary to examine your most loyal patrons as well as their payment preferences. If, for instance, you sell software or electronics, you can bet that buyers are already quite familiar with technology and would welcome this innovative way to transact their purchases.


Creating your own business-specific mobile phone storage app can be a great way to connect to people who are on the go. You may have already taken this step as a way to showcase your store and product offerings, but now it’s time for your app to evolve into a payment portal as well. By doing so, you will enable buyers to make encrypted purchases by means of the digital wallet technology that is built into their phones. It is not a question of whether you should accept payments with iphone vs android; your app should be easy to use by customers regardless of whether their equipment runs on the android or IOS platform. If you are unsure of how to update your app, strongly consider hiring a competent techie to do the job for you. There is an excellent chance that this investment will pay for itself in no time at all.


When you begin to accept mobile phone payments, you are automatically connected to your customers in a new and potentially lucrative way. Let your point-of-sale system’s customer relationship management capabilities go to work for you by utilizing it to build a database and an accompanying customer loyalty program. Once it is up and running, you can find numerous ways to incentivize people to make repeat purchases and referrals. Combine these strategies with a dynamic social media presence, and your enterprise could soon be the talk of the town or of the internet.

You may not be entirely thrilled with some of the qualities of the mobile phones that seem to be everywhere these days. Their ringing interrupts meetings, they can be costly and it’s hard to truly disconnect and relax. However, this technology and the payments it makes possible can be a game changer for your company, so why not get started today?… Read the rest

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