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How do You Know if You Have Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, the last time, many people had a hearing test was in grade school. If you seem to hear well, and even if you don’t hear as well as you used to, many people forget to have their hearing tested routinely. Experts suggest that you have your hearing checked once a year, whether your hearing seems impaired or not. But if you have trouble hearing during routine conversations or if your ears hurt, you should get your hearing checked. One easy way to test your ability to hear is the online hearing test that is now being offered at no cost on many hearing-related websites.

What is an Online Hearing Test?

If you haven’t had your hearing screened for a while, now remains an excellent time for hearing testing. Did you know that hearing screening is now available online? Online hearing tests can be done in the privacy of your home. These convenient screenings will give you an idea of where your hearing stands and if you have any hearing loss.

Online hearing tests are easy to take. The accuracy of these tests remains debated by some hearing professionals, however. But if you get concerned about your ability to hear, or if you haven’t had a screening for some time, you should give the test a try. You’ll need headphones and a quiet place to take the test to provide you with the most accurate results. Follow the test set-up instructions carefully, so the sound works well for you during the test. These hearing tests usually have clear guidelines in writing along with the verbal instructions you’ll be given during the assessment.

You will hear a variety of sounds during the test, including a wide range of pitches. The test has you mark when you hear the audio provided. At the end of the screening, the computer program gives you the results of your online testing. About one-third of people over age 65 show some loss of hearing.

People of all ages can have problems with their ears or their hearing. Issues with hearing may occur due to:

· Aging.

· Otitis media, or an ear infection.

· Colds and allergies.

· Earwax (cerumen) build-up.

· An inflammation in your auditory canal.

· Ear injuries.

· Diseases such as otosclerosis. Otosclerosis affects the small bones in the ear.

· Cholesteatoma, which can occur due to continual ear infections.

If you have trouble hearing or if your online hearing test comes out with weak reading, you’ll need to seek professional help and diagnosis right away. Many hearing problems can be diagnosed and treated by a doctor or hearing specialist. And many hearing issues remain treatable when caught quickly.
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