How to Break into the Legal Marijuana Industry

How to Break into the Legal Marijuana Industry

10th February 2019 Off  ByADMIN

A whole new industry is growing from the ground up across the United States, one that has the potential to be worth around $25 billion by 2021. That industry is the legal cannabis market. Already worth a staggering $12 billion in 2018, legal marijuana sales, both recreational and medical, are only expected to continue their exponential growth in the US as more and more states are scrambling to get a piece of the pipe. 

Although there has been resistance against legalization in more conservative state, Congress is already considering H.R. 420, a House bill that could effectively legalize and regulate cannabis consumption nationwide. Its not just the US whose considering bringing an end to prohibition either. Canada and Uruguay have already fully legalized adult recreation use and as more nations follow suit the global legal cannabis market is expected to eventually become a $150 billion dollar industry. 

How Can You Claim a Piece of This Fortune For Yourself

There has never been a more propitious time to get in on the ground floor of a blossoming industry than now. Legal cannabis is growing so quickly that new jobs are being added almost daily. Even though most job opportunities in cannabis businesses are currently in the Western US where the market is more established, demand for qualified employees is also growing in Eastern states that have begun to develop their own medical and recreational programs. 

While most people only think of growing, extracting and retail sales when they think of legal marijuana, the truth is that there are many other positions in ancillary fields that help to support legal cannabis. Whether its in accounting, advocacy, compliance, cannabis marketing, technology and more, there are an estimated 165,000 to 230,000 people working in cannabis industry jobs, according to the Drug Policy Alliance. 

Although the cultivating and extracting side of the industry often require advance degrees in horticulture, plant sciences or chemistry, there are plenty of available opportunities in the sales and ancillary sectors for both entry-level applicants or individuals with experience in other fields. 

One of the largest growing areas of the marijuana industry is in cannabis marketing. Regardless of the type of business that is being run, online and offline marketing is crucial for its success. With the prevalence of the internet as the main way consumers find businesses however, online cannabis marketing and SEO services have been demonstrated to be an integral part of the legal marijuana industry.